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Organize Your Closet Rods Hardware & Support

Closet Rods – If you keep rolls of wrapping paper on hand, you might find that standing them up in a corner can lead to wrinkled or torn paper. Instead, organize the rolls on closet rods. Use adjustable rods, or cut them to fit your own space. Hang them with the open part of the brackets all facing up so you can pop out the rod easily when you need to.

adjustable closet rod

adjustable closet rod

To color coordinate closet rods and to make hangers slide on more easily, I cover my closet rods with plastic shower curtain rod covers. These plastic covers are often on sale or at discount shops and usually cost around a dollar.

23 Inspiration Gallery from Organize Your Closet Rods Hardware & Support

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Image of: adjustable closet rods
Image of: adjustable closet rod

Rod covers are made of colored plastic and fit over closet rods to permit easy sliding of hangers and to cover unattractive closet rods. These covers can be cut to fit the length of the rod, and two can be fitted together end to end for longer rods. (For your information they’re pretty over shower rods, too.) Rod covers are inexpensive and can be purchased at many bath shops or department store.

Complete the system by adding adjustable shelves, drawers and closet rods. All the components are designed to fit into or attach to the predrilled damp places.

all shelving and closet rods. One job you can, and probably should, sub out separately, is the installation of any stairs and stair railings. This can become a very complicated task and is best left to stair professionals. Interior trim contractors will normally give you a fixed price based on total square footage.

The spacious room houses features wide doorways, a corner fireplace, and a walk-in closet with lowered closet rods. The tiled bathroom has a full five-foot turning radius, a roll-in shower with a hand-held showerhead, grab bars in the shower, and a roll-under sink. A portable shower chair and a toilet riser with attached grab bars are also available upon request.

All of the public areas, including the dining room, living room and the very pleasant verandah, feature barrier-free access.

Heights for Closet Storage

The possible reach range for wheelchair users making a side reach is 9″ to 4′-6″ above the floor, while the upper range for a forward reach is 4′-0″. 4′-6″ is too high for many and 9″ is too low for others. A good range of heights for storage is 15″ to 4′-0″ above the floor.

In rental housing where the occupants are likely to change frequently or in any housing where the occupant’s ability is likely to change over time, due to aging or disability, adjustable height closet rods and storage shelves should be installed. They should be adjustable in a range from 3′-0″ to 5′-6″ above the floor so they can be lowered or raised as needed for standing and seated people.

Install side supports and any other system parts, fastening into wall studs wherever possible. Add closet rods and other accessories

Some hanging and shelf storage should be less than 54″ high with adjustable height closet rods and shelves.


Some hanging and shelf storage should be less than 54″ high with adjustable height closet rods and shelves.

A roll-in closet equipped with lowered rods and shelving is ideal for the wheelchair user who possesses adequate arm and hand function to access his clothing. The closet door for a built-in closet needs a clearance width of 32 inches and a minimum 5 foot by 5 foot turning space. Folding, sliding, or pocket style doors may be a better alternative because standard doors often impede access and wheelchair maneuver- ability. Closet rods and shelving height are dependent on the wheelchair user’s seated height and reach but are generally positioned between 36 and 48 inches in height and are no deeper than 16 inches.

The accessible guest rooms are located on the lobby level (which is actually the fourth floor) or near the elevator. Access features include wide doorways, lowered closet rods and good pathway access. The accessible bathrooms includegrab bars around the toilet and in the shower (or tub), a hand-held showerhead, a full five-foot turning radius and a roll-under sink. A portable shower chair is available upon request.

The accessible rooms feature wide doorways, good pathway access and lowered closet rods. There are grab bars around the toilet as well as in the shower or tub area. Other access features include a hand-held showerhead, a roll-under sink, a portable shower chair and a five-foot turning radius.

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